6 Trees Liked By Ghosts That Maybe Around You

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6 Trees Liked By Ghosts That Maybe Around You


Have you ever heard of the type of genie repellent plant? Believe it or not, but actually, there are many plants to repel the jinn that grow around us and can be found easily around the yard.
Some plants are believed to be efficacious from a religious point of view and some plants are believed to be efficacious from the traditional point of view of the ancestors.

1. Yellow bamboo plant

Bamboo trees are generally synonymous with nesting places for supernatural beings, such as wewe gombel. However, different things apply to yellow bamboo.
Yellow bamboo is beautiful as an ornamental plant, but it can also be a very powerful genie repellent plant to ward off various magical disorders.
Interestingly, the yellow bamboo tree can also help prevent evil intentions from strangers, for example, those who want to steal or rob.
Another benefit, yellow bamboo trees can also be used as a very beautiful fence plant.

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2. Banyan tree

This tree is already very well known as a den of genie and devil genderuwo.
This tree which is identical to shady and tall will indeed look scary when it is in a state of night.
It is said that if the tree is believed to 'exist' its inhabitants and someone breaks the dangling banyan roots, we happen to fall ill.

3. Kapok / kapok tree
Behind the extraordinary benefits, it's a good idea not to let this tree grow big.
Because if not, this tree will become the house of jinn and demons.
Based on local beliefs, the kapok tree or kapok tree is a good home for the pocong.

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4. banana tree
It's no secret that the banana tree is a devil's nest.
Besides pocong, this tree is a favorite place for kuntilanak and tuyul.
Until now, these demons often appear next to the banana tree, don't they?

5. Jackfruit tree

Although the fruit is very tempting, who would have thought that this place is the abode of spirits.
It is said that the jackfruit tree is heaven for long-haired kuntilanak with a pale white face.

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6. Breadfruit tree

If you still have breadfruit trees in your home, you should think again.
Because based on the people's belief, this tree is a place where pocong, genie, and kuntilanak play.
Believe it or not? it all depends on how you react to it.
But remember, as long as we do not interfere and live side by side with them, then they will never disturb us.

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