Corn Rice and Spekkoek Have Been Existed Since the Occupation Era Started

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Corn Rice and Spekkoek Have Been Existed Since the Occupation Era Started


Besides we know that Indonesia is profoundly well–renowned of its culture also the richness of its culinary, including its any traditional yet very rich of spices, in fact this country also well–known as a great yet tremendous state which save many several unique foods even snacks that have been existed since this state itself ran under the occupation forces.

Yapz, we knew that the occupation era has been over, but we all cannot deny that some parts of its leftovers are still lingering and left in many archipelago of Indonesia. Ranging from its heritage such as building, any tunnel army, forces tools, graveyard, parks, even weapon and bombs which mostly can be found in any national museum in Indonesia. But have you known that exactly we often meet the leftovers of these past memories (the occupation era) also in daily? How come? Truly, we really have been easily finding it, even in ordinary days. Perhaps some of you are quite aware and known it, but some others maybe just already knew it.

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Yap, it cannot be denied also that some occupier armies in the past also tried to take charge or to dominate the whole influence in Indonesia, and share or influence it to any stuff such as culture and our foods. Below are two foods that basically we often meet it in daily stuffs, but perhaps we do not even care to it. Haha, so yeah, happily run in the past decade all!

Corn Rice

Some of Indonesian people perhaps have not been know so well that this food is one of foods that have been existed since the occupation era started. This food is utterly very unique, because rather than making it by rice as usual cooked rice in Indonesia, but this one is made by corn.

Additionally, the corn rice also can be consumed to change the existence of usual rice or cooked rice.

By the content of its carbohydrate within, it prop some people’s reason in the past particularly to choose to consume this corn rice. Besides we all knew so well that rice in the past was quite expensive and not really affordable to be planted even in our own farmer’s land.

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Lapis Legit or Spekkoek / Indonesian Thousand Layers Cake

Basically this food one has been very famous and well–renowned since the occupation era started. But the difference is: it is called as “spekkoek” in the past or when the occupation era still lingered. But today, or since the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day, we often call it as “lapis legit” or yeah some others who does not really know the name will call it as Indonesian thousand layers cake.

Historically, this wet cake had been existed since the Dutch colonialism started in Indonesia and it was basically also inspired by some of European cakes.

That is why the taste of this cake or this lapis legit is quite really similar like European cake, but of course the spices within the cake itself are originally Indonesian and truly the spices are also Indonesian traditional spices.

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