How to Make Cassava Leaves Curry and Jering Very Tasty

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How to Make Cassava Leaves Curry and Jering Very Tasty


Jering is one of Indonesian plants that often quite avoided by some Indonesian due to its very sting smells. But of course, for some Indonesian other who really loves and fall in love with jering, they will never be stopped by several others who tend to say that the smell of the jering itself is so bad.

Jering is commonly can be cooked and turned to any kinds of cooks like even like simple balado or sambal, including it can also be fried, roaster, turned to be semur, or even be curried with some cassava leaves.

Between the jering itself and the cassava leaves are having the different technique when cooking it. Especially like the cassava leaves one which is needed to cook quite longer in order to get the very delicate cassava leaves at the end. Of course it is not like other vegetables which are commonly cooked simply and quicker. But that is only the good way in order to find the best–end result of cassava leaves itself, so that tis bitterness can be lessened even truly deadened.

Below of course we have arranged the materials and each one of the step in order to make the very yummy yet best recipe of cassava leaves curry which is mixed with the jering one. You have to keep in mind that however, after you cook this cuisine even then eating it together with your beloved family, for sure something unusual would be happened. What is that? Of course, you guys will find your bathroom quite has kind of sting smell due to the sting perfume of jering itself has.

So yeah, be wise if you really want to decide to cook it. Or maybe you are very adaptable to that condition, yeah that is up to you again. We know sure, that any brand of perfume air spray is not really that cost arms and legs, haha.


1 bunch of cassava leaves

150 gr of jering, which is you have to submerge in on the water for 1 night. So yeah it is better choice to start the process this night if you want to serve it for the next morning for your breakfast’s family.

3 sheets of bay leaves
2 sheets of kaffir lime leaves
2 stems of lemongrasses, you can pinch it firstly
Some eatable oil to saute the spices
Sugar, salt, and some extract instant chicken powder
500–550 ml drinkable water
Coconut cream

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Blended Spices:

5 red curly chilies
2 hot little green chilies
½ teaspoon of pepper powder
4 shallots
3 little pieces of garlic
Circa 3–4 cm of turmeric
Circa 3–4 cm of ginger
1 galangal
½ teaspoon of coriander powder


Boil the jering firstly together with lemongrass and the bay leaves until it is delicate.

Turn off the stove then and pinch off all of it. Wash it once again and put it in other bowl.

Boil the cassava leaves and add some salt into it. Let it delicate then take it up.

Heat the oil and start to saute the blended spices such as the lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and the bay leaves till it becomes well–smelled.

Add some sugar and salt into it, also the chicken instant extract powder, stir it evenly.

Add the jering into the pan and add the cassava leaves also. Stir it again, check the taste. Let it simmering.

Serve it on a best bowl you have. Share to your loved families!


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