How to Make Asinan Asam Kedondong (Ambarella Pickled Sour) Very Tasty

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How to Make Asinan Asam Kedondong (Ambarella Pickled Sour) Very Tasty

We all knew precisely that the hot weather will be peaceful and more enjoyable if we can eat something like very cold foods or even cold yet freshening beverages. Because we know also, that the hot weather or yeah when the sun is quite shines brightly makes the world much seems tiring and so that our energy would be turned down and melted away like pathetically powerless. Thus, choosing some best yet freshening cold foods can be a best and wise choice to recall our energy and spark the zeal within our body, especially in order to get back to piles of our activities.

Many kinds of food or even some simple snack in every public corners for sure can be found easily, ranging from the ones which profoundly could tempting our stomach to buy it to any beverage which is also want to lobbying us to grab it in order for closing our lunch later.

Nah, one of those foods or simple snack which is basically really super fantastic for you to eating it is ambarella or in Indonesian we can call it as “kedondong”.

Ambarella for sure is one of many fruits that really easy to find out and the price is also quite affordable to reach. We bet it will make your day become bright back even lighten up your brain in order to accomplish the tricky task ones.

The pickled fruits basically are kinds of food or snack that made by marinate the vegetables or any fruits we like. In Indonesia the pickled fruits or the pickled vegetable would be the best option of dish in many culinary festivals, or even yeah in any occasion in your ordinary days.

One of the pickled fruit which is profoundly famous is this one we are currently talking: sour pickled ambarella, and some others such as made by mango, jicama or yeah in Indonesia we call it as “bengkoang”, and many other kinds of fruit we like the most and want to turn it to be the pickled fruit.

Oh ya by the way, have you known good people? That actually the taste of the sour and the sweet one of the ambarella is really tasty and beyond delicious when it is combined with the spicy which is comes from the chilies and other special spices. We really sure it will make your days back to its freshness and full of joyful.

Below is the process of how to make the sour pickled ambarella very easy. Just take a look here, good people!

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1 kg of ambarella, you have to peel it off and cut it into some thick slices
1 liter of drinkable water
100 gr of sugar
2 tablespoon of salt
10 red chilies or yeah you are very welcome to use the little tiny green chilies if you prefer this one than the red one.


Soften or blend the chilies and then boil it with the 1 liter of water till it simmering.

Once it is simmering, put the sugar and salt into the pan and stir it till both are dissolved.

Turn off the stove and let the boiled water of chilies and the sugar becomes little warmer.

Put the ambarella slices into the boiled water and stir it evenly.

Once it is little colder, put it to some glass bowl or any other bowl which has its cap and save it to refrigerator for 24 hours.

Now, it can be served for your loved ones and including you surely!

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