How to Make Homemade Yellow Roasted Rice Very Easy

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How to Make Homemade Yellow Roasted Rice Very Easy


There are many kinds of food that really lingering in many people’s heart even heart. Especially when the breakfast time comes, we have forced to get many kinds of simple but yet must delicious food to be eaten. Thus, searching a food or some food which is basically could satisfy out appetite in the morning is a challenging stuff indeed however. Haha haha.

But today, please you should not be worried anymore, good people! Because we have collected some useful information regarding what is exactly kind of food you have to try to eat or even trying to cook it in the morning for your own satisfying breakfast! So yeah, just be focused in here, below is the recipe we have presented specially for you!

Oh ya, even yes this is very true that you can find this food one easily especially if you go and strolling around in any Indonesia cities in the morning, but however give it a try in your own kitchen is never hurts you anyway, right!

Additionally, before we really jump to the section of the materials or the steps on how to make this yellow roasted rice, I would like to tell you good people that basically like its name this food is served when breakfast time comes. It is also made by very special spices and will be mixed by some turmeric or yeah the yellow spices also.

Overall it can be consumed as daily food for any kinds of age ranging from children to adults, I bet we all will loves and truly falling in loves towards it.


3 cm of galangal which previously have been punched by the un–sharp side of knife or any kinds of cooking tools you have.
2 glasses of rice
Banana leaves
500 gr chicken meat slices (suiran)
65 ml of coconut cream and basically you have to add it also by some drinkable yet clean water.
Some clean wood sticks

Blended Spices:

Pandanus leaves
Lime leaves
Bay leaves

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Please firstly you have to keep in made and make sure that the rice is clean. You have to wash the rice for sure and then put it to the pan.

Add also some water, the coconut cream, and the blended spices, including salt and sugar, pandanus leaves, bay leaves, lime leaves, and turmeric, also the galangal one into the pan.

Cook it by simultaneously stirring it slowly to make sure that the spices will not be sticky to the pan.

Just stir it along you wait the water to be lessened.
Boil the water in other pan and then steam the rice on the pan by medium fire.

Cut and serve the banana leaves as a tray of the rice. Put the yellow cooked rice on it and spread some chicken meat slices (suiran) over it. Wrap it then.

Serve the roasting stuff and roast it for 10 minutes.

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