How to Make Dried-shrimp Spicy Cireng Very Easy for Your Leisure Snack

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How to Make Dried-shrimp Spicy Cireng Very Easy for Your Leisure Snack


Aci goreng or in English we can call it as “fried aci” basically is made by the multi–purpose flour and some other affordable spices around us and then cook it by frying. Aci goreng or yeah fried aci has been well–renowned as one of many traditional Indonesian snacks that really lives in the heart of many Indonesian, ranging from children to adults will love to eat it particularly to fill the sometimes void and the boredom of their leisure time in the afternoon.

Besides it, the price of the fried cireng also profoundly cheap, as you known you can find many people try to sell it in any public corner around any cities.

But have you known good people? That actually cooking and serving this snack one is not really that tricky as you may think. It is very easy and super easy to cook even by any simple yet very cheap cooking tools you have in your dormitory! Moreover, later when you have been feels quite brave to try to cook it, you can also try to mix the taste and turn it to be a little more salty but in the same time still quite spicy and a bit sweet also. You are very welcome to fill the dough of the cireng by any kinds of meat cuts, ranging from dried-shrimp to fish or chicken. But of course, at this moment we would like to give you a recipe which is just tell us all about how to make the dried-shrimp spicy cireng one, which is for sure it will need the dried-shrimp one rather than any other meat.

Additionally, have you known guys, that fried cireng is very good idea to be sold in every kinds of public place. Due to its affordable materials to make, or because of the cheap materials on cooking it, it always makes the cireng or fried aci (aci digoreng) be one of wonderful ideas for some people in this hard yet challenging situation because of pandemic. This snack also can be frozen in refrigerator, so you do not need to be worried if it would be putrid or rotten.

So yeah, by the appearance of the dried-shrimp spicy cireng frozen one, it also lead people to keep on their own track to sell it in the quite intense and tight race.

Below is the recipe of the dried-shrimp spicy cireng that you may be followed.

10 gr of muti–purpose flour
30 gr tapioca flour
140 ml water

Blended spices:

150 gr sago flour
25 gr roasted dried-shrimps
2 dried chilies, you have to cut it hardly
1 stem of kucai leaf, just slice it ½ cm
½ teaspoon salt
1 little piece of garlic, soften it
1/4 teaspoon of chicken instant extracted powder
1/4 pepper powder
700 ml eatable oil

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100 gr palm sugar, cook it with 50 ml water till it turns thick
3 hot green chilies, soften it
1 teaspoon of sour water/ lime water, then let it dissolved with 2 teaspoon of plain water
1/4 teaspoon salt


Mix the roasted dried–shrimps with the dried chilies and add some salt into it.

In order to make the dough one, just please boil the tapioca flour with water and kucai leaf, garlic, salt, pepper powder and chicken extract.

Stir it and let it simmering.

Take it up and pour the dough to a big bowl. Add some sago flour little by little and stir it again.

Take each little piece of dough and try to fill it with the spicy dried shrimps or you can also mix the spicy dried shrimps to the dough.

Fry the cireng in the heated oil with medium fire.

Take it up and let the oil falls down. Serve it with the sauce.

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