How to Make Sweet Shrimp Satay Very Easy

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How to Make Sweet Shrimp Satay Very Easy


Shrimp or lobster is kind of many favorites of chefs worldwide or cooking studs that often be consumed in every corner in the world. In the animal world, shrimp also entered to the ordo of the decapoda and usually often be cultivated commercially particularly in the marine cultivation. Shrimp and any kinds of shells even has its tasty taste, it also kinds of foods that often lead some people’s skin to any shape of inflammation.

Even some people can have inflammation by consuming shrimp, but there are remains many other people who are still loving this one. Because the shrimp itself can be cooked and turned to be any kinds of delicious, tasty, yet also quite expensive food and dishes. One of them perhaps have been known it so well that the shrimp can be turned to something kind of cooks that quite sweet and in the same time also sour but really worth it for sure to eat. Some people others maybe not really sure what the taste of the result of the recipe we share below, but of course give it a try in your own kitchen would give you a memorable time in experimenting with this beloved animal: surely the shrimp one!


500 gr of big shrimps
5 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce
1 medium lime

Blended spices:

5 little tiny pieces of garlic
1 teaspoon of coriander, you have to roast it firstly on the pan before mix it with other spices.
1 turmeric or circa 3–4 cm of turmeric
½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of chicken/cow instant extracted powder

Ketchup Spices:

5 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce

1 lime

4 shallots, you have to cut it into some little dices previously

7 little tiny hot green chilies, just to make sure that you have to slice it softly first

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You have to keep in mind that firstly you have to wash the shrimp first and let all the sands or any kinds of dirt within it washed perfectly.

Or yeah you can also or very welcome to wash it twice or more than three times to make sure that no dirt left within.

After that, you can cut the back of each shrimp and mix it with the blended spices, also the sweet soy sauce and the lime water altogether.

Let it be for around 30 minutes until the spices itself getting in perfectly.

Pinch each one of the shrimp with the satay wood stick and roast it till well–browned or at least the shrimps gets color–changed.

You have to keep in mind that you have to prepare the soy sauce spices also, here the steps: just mix the sweet soy sauce with the lime water and the shallots, also the tiny hot green chilies. Then you can stir it evenly.

After that, you can spread this soy sauce spices over the roasted shrimp.
Is it too easy right? Then ya, now you can serve it on a special plate!

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