How to Make Grombyang Rice-A Special Food from Pemalang

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How to Make Grombyang Rice-A Special Food from Pemalang


Cooking a food deliciously is not really simple and easy. Sometimes, there are always lingering and existed for a little reason for us stumbling at some parts or in the middle of the process of cooking it. Thus, patience and consistency is really needed to hold, especially when we face the failure in the first trial. However, collecting tries will lead you to the meaning of the winning itself. You never lose basically.

So yeah good people, today we would like to present you a good yet best recipe in order to how to make a grombyang rice which is this food one basically origins in Java island, Indonesia, or yeah in Pemalang area.

At glance, we can all understand that grombyang rice of course is kind of mixed soup (clear gravy–soup) which is historically was origins in the area of Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia. The name of the food basically was made intended to tell about the serving of the cook itself, which is actually just told us that between the gravy and the content (or the fillings of the soup itself) is unique. The gravy is superb much and quite more abundant than the contents of the soup itself.

Additionally, in the other side, we know that grombyang soup also uses kluwak in the process of its cooking.

But however, we known that grombyang soup uses kluwak in its cooking process. And besides it, if we compare the grombyang rice with rawon, it can take a conclusion that both of them are beyond different. Each one has its unique part of itself. Especially in the grombyang soup, there are spreaded some grater of fried coconut over it, also the use of tauco as its spices.

So good people, we bet you guys really have been frustrated on how to get this traditional one.

Even perhaps you are too far away from Indonesia, particularly when you reading this article. Do not worry please, because you can always make it up by yourself in your own kitchen, in your own country.

This is very simple yet easy, and not really tricky in each process of how making this grombyang rice. And once you know the recipe and the steps, you will be amazed by your bravery of yourself because you have been quite braver to start to give it a try.

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500 gr of cow/ buffalo/ goat meat
4 candlenuts
3 kluwek seeds
Coriander powder
White pepper powder
Bay leaves
Lime leaves
Eatable oil
Coconut grater
Sweet soy sauce
1 tablespoon of tauco
Tauco itself basically is kind of Indonesian version of fermented soy bean and usually the best one can be found in Medan city, Indonesia.


Cut the goat meat into some little dices.

Then boil it for 15 minutes. Blend the spices except the galangal, lemongrass, bay leaf, and the lime leaf.

Saute all the spices till it well–smelled.

Put the leftovers of the clean water into it.
Put also the meat dices and the 1 liter of drinkable water into the pan. Put also the roasted coconut grater into it.

Add some chilies cuts and let it simmering.

Once it simmering, you can spread some fried shallot slices over it.

Serve with cooked rice when it is still warm/hot.

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