How to Make Kerak Telor Very Easy

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How to Make Kerak Telor Very Easy


Have you eaten kerak telor, guys? Yeah, kerak telor. Yeah, you are reading the true words: kerak telor. No one wrong with these words: kerak telor. Ya ya, perhaps some of you might ask: what is kerak telor? I do not even know kerak telor. What? Kerak telor? How could you eat that food?

For Indonesian civilian who reside in Jakarta city, we all pretty known it that long ago since Dutch colonialism had been occupying Indonesia, or yeah and then Dutch went out, the name of this city changed then to be Jakarta which was previously the name was “Batavia”. Those who lived since Jakarta called as Batavia surely know this food one and quite familiar with the history too. Not also about the shape and the taste of the kerak telor itself but Batavia civils would also understand the how to cook this kerak telor. Moreover, for some people and some particular reasons, those will be reminded of this old city once the “kerak telor” words mentioned.

Yeah you are right guys, that kerak telor is sold in many places in Jakarta. Jakarta that is known well as the capital city of Indonesia, and one of many other biggest cities in Indonesia archipelago, thus also seems like being a home for this food or yah we can call it also like a simple but very yummy snack. And however we cannot even deny that kerak telor itself really origins in the old city of Jakarta.

Kerak telor is a food that made by some materials that really affordable around us, such as: the sticky rice flour, chicken eggs or yeah some people sometimes who would like to affor the better taste would change the chicken egg one to the duck egg. And ya, you also need some dried little shrimps which you have to fry it first before mix it with the other materials. Some shallots and garlic of course never should be left also the fried coconut grater, red chilies, a bit of turmeric, ginger, pepper powder, salt also yeah sugar too.

Kerak telor would be easily founded in some particular spots in Jakarta, especially those areas where related to such arts building, historian buildings, like you know Kalibata and the old city. Even though today kerak telor has been selling by many people in every region, but to be honest, sometimes it is also still quite scarce to find. But please do not worry because we have presented the recipe below, specially brought for you!

Spices powder:
½ coconut grater, you have to fry it first on the pan without eatable oil. Ya, just the coconut grater only, let it be well–browned, then take it up after once it well–browned..
2 tablespoon of some fried shrimps
1 tablespoon of sugar
½ teaspoon of extract mushroom powder
1 small sachet of bon cabe or yeah any chilies powder or you can also pound the red chilies by yourself if you want something healthier and natural.

Wet materials:
1 chicken/dug egg
½ teaspoon of white spices (a mix of garlic and shallots)
2–3 tablespoon of white cooked–rice
A bit of salt, pepper, and the chicken extract powder

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Spreading spices:
Fried coconut grater and some fried shallot slices.

Fry the coconut grater till it become well browned and then mix it with the fried shrimp, sugar, also salt, chicken extract powder, also the red chilies powder.

When you soften these spices altogether please don’t too much in pinning it so the oil which comes out from the spices would not come out really much.

Mix the egg, cooked rice, salt, pepper, chicken extract powder and the white spices also the 2 teaspoon of fried coconut grater altogether evenly, just mix it by fork, not mixer.

Pour the dough into a pan, let it even by spoon and then cook it until the down side is quite browned. Take it reversely or return to the other side of the dough the same thing you did previously.

Once it well–cooked, turn off the stove and serve it on a plate.

Spread the fried shallots slices also the fried coconut grater on it.

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