How to Make Special Pepes Ikan from Sunda

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How to Make Special Pepes Ikan from Sunda


We all have known that fish actually can be cooked in many various ways, whether you want to just boil it on water and serve it then on a simple plate like Asian or particularly Japanese people who tends to consume many boiled cuisines, or yeah you prefer to fry it on the heated oil on your stove, so then it could a little bit crispier. All ways to cook fish basically depends on the appetite of those people at the current day and moment, also their culture in terms of consuming the fish itself by mix some traditional spices from their ancestor, or yeah et cetera.
But today guys, we have presented one of anti–mainstream recipe which is this one basically origins from Indonesia, precisely in Sunda or West Java province. So yeah, we also intend to inform you all that this food one has offered precious point for you to know, that actually this cuisine is really really really worth it to give a try. Due to its taste that really rich of many kinds of Indonesian spices, it makes the taste so flawless and beyond tasteful! Moreover guys, the texture of this food especially the fish meat one is also quite soft, the smells of the fish pepes is also strong which is it comes from the mixed spices, such as: the basil, ginger, lemongrasses, galangal, and turmeric.
Below we have collected and arranged the materials in order to cook this fish pepes or yeah call it in Bahasa as: pepes ikan, which is the “fish” itself in Indonesia is refers to “ikan”.

1 kg Goldfish or approximately you need 2 goldfishes
10 hot–red chilies
1 lime
2 red tomatoes
1 teaspoon of salt
6 stems of lemongrass
2 stems of spring onions
8 sheets of bay leaves
Eatable oil
Banana leaves

Belnded Spices for the fish pepes (pepes ikan):
10 shallots
2 little pieces of garlic
5 pieces of candlenuts, you can fry it firstly so the smells will break out
Turmeric circa 3–4 cm, you have to roast it first
3–4 cm of ginger
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar

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Prepare the goldfishes firstly, wash it with clean water, and please do not forget to scratch and throw away or yeah just take over the scales. Wash it twice or even more.

Cut the gold fish body into two parts exactly cut it started from its head through the mouth and its back. And make sure please you do not cut it till it is really broken off. Wash the fishes once more.

Saute the blended spices altogether with eatable oil until the smells is break out.

Put the goldfishes into the pan and stir it evenly until well–mixed with the spices.

Take the banana leaves and put tidily the goldfishes on it, also arrange the fish together with the bay leaves, lemongrasses, basil, red chilies, spring onion, tomatoes.

Put also the leftovers of the blended spices over it and then wrap these all perfectly.
Steam the pepes ikan or fish pepes with medium fire for 1 ½ hour, and once it well–cooked, take it up.

Heat the pan and then roast the pepes ikan now for 10 minutes, take it up reversely until the banana leaves seems quite dry.

Once it dry, turn off the stove and serve the pepes ikan on a big plate. Share to your loved ones!

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