How to Make Tempe Mendoan Very Easy

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How to Make Tempe Mendoan Very Easy


If you go through the south side of Central Java, basically you will also across some small cities with many its special and particular foods traditional shops on the side of the road of Purwokerto. These are region that really quite near with Banyumas and Brebes and has been served some special culinary such as gethuk and mendoan, which are the taste are salty but yet delicious!

Of course it is quite heard ordinary, however we all can find the tempe mendoan easily everywhere and every time, but please do not judge the book from its cover good people. Because actually the tempe mendoan that made specially in Purwakarta is the one of tempe mendoan that will makes you even longing of itself.

Tempe mendoan itself has been well–renowned in the civilians of Java regions due to its texture that beyond crunchy and salty, also it is very tasteful when you try to combine or mix it with the little hot green chilies with sweet ketchup together, moreover the petis sambal. I bet it would be your best moment ever in eating stuff, haha. Additionally guys, the tempe mendoan generally always makes people who eat this feels satisfying, so do not you want to give it a try to buy, to eat, or perhaps even to try to cook it by yourself? In your own kitchen? Then serve it for your beloved families, or even for your special self? In the sake of you have been beating your works so hard and now it is your turn to celebrate your success by eating some crunchy yet delicious tempe mendoan?

Because however guys, the shape of the tempe mendoan itself is really pretty and bring much joy once we eat this. Why? Yapz, even you eat just one piece of tempe mendoan but it is very satisfying enough do to its width that quite big even yes thin, but the taste is really crunchy and perfectly salty. So yeah, here is the recipe we intend to share to you. Hopefully you want to give it a try, so your stomach will comes to a satisfaction or your body at least still aware that its owner has been caring to her.

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125 gr multi–purpose flour
Drinkable water
2 little pieces of garlic
3 shallots
Some cow/chicken instant extract powder, you can buy it in any traditional market or yeah if you just want to something more natural and healthier you can skip it and change it with the salt only.
Eatable oil to fry the tempe mendoan


Slice the tempe firstly and then put it on a bowl or plate.

Mix the spices that you have softened previously, or you may blend it anyway.

After you blend the spices, now you can mix and stir it with the multi–purpose flour evenly.

Heat the oil on the pan with medium fire size.

Pour the water into the dough slowly.

Dip every tempe slices to the dough.

Then fry it on the heated oil that you have heated previously.

Wait until the tempe color becomes well–gold. Turn it reversely.

Take it up once it gets well–gold. Let the oil which trapped within the tempe falls out by filtering it for a while.

Serve it for your loved ones!

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