How to Make Chocolate Steamed Cake

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How to Make Chocolate Steamed Cake


Indonesia is rich of its beautiful heritages, ranging from cultures, culinary, sport, arts, even heroes and including building. Talking about the culinary one, Indonesia also quite well–renowned by its tasteful cakes, whether those are the traditional cakes or the others which quite a bit more modern cakes. Some of them also range from the wet to the dry ones. Even mostly the appearance of Indonesian cakes is quite ordinary or not really glamorous, but to be honest, the taste is beyond great! I do not make any bullshit story, guys. Many foreign visitor even choose to stay forever, reside and marry some Indonesian women, most of them who I ever met lived in Java island. They the foreigners mostly fall in love by the simple culture yet the various amazing foods that Indonesia offers to them, also the woman. Oops, I do not even want to direct it to the side of romance, but yeah sometimes in this life all things are indirectly combined and makes sense.
Talking about the wet cake ones, actually Indonesian people love bolu. Bolu itself in refers to a kind of cake made by steaming it up on the stove. We cannot deny that any bolu cake is beyond tasteful and even could make our tongue wants more and more. Moreover, we should not even being worried, due to we can always make the bolu cake in our own kitchen. After buying some affordable materials in any public place or in the traditional market around, we then could create a best bolu ever turning out from our simple yet ordinary and even old oven, lol.

Material A:
200 gr of multi–purpose flour
2 chicken eggs
1600 cc drinkable water
½ teaspoon of vanilla cream

Material B:
200 ge of multi–purpose flour
25 gr of chocolate powder
½ teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Material C:
10 gr of emulsifier

Bahan D:
25 gr of chocochips
½ teaspoon of chocolate pasta

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Mixer the material A for approximately 5 minutes by mixer with its maximum velocity.
Pour the material B into the bowl of the mixer and let ix well–mixed for minute by the low velocity.

Then pour the material C to the bowl of the mixer and mix it during 5 minutes with maximum velocity.

Add some chocolate pasta into it and stir it evenly, then put also the chocochips into it.

Prepare the baking tray to steam the bolu dough, by firstly put some butter over it and placing a baking paper on it. After that surely you may pour the bolu dough into the baking tray.

Then steam the dough for 15 minutes by a big fire size, and please do not continuously open and close the cap of the pan. Just let it be patiently and wait till it well–cooked.

Remember, if you continuously open and then close and then open again the cap of the pan, for sure the dough will not be well–cooked.

Serve it once when it get well–cooked. Share to your loved ones!

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