How to Make Grontol Jagung: One of Indonesian Traditional Foods that Almost Extinct

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How to Make Grontol Jagung: One of Indonesian Traditional Foods that Almost Extinct


Indonesia is well–renowned by its various culture, its beliefs, and so forth with its culinary. One Indonesian culinary that quite popular in the eyes of many civilians here is grontol jagung. But unfortunately, the truth is that the frontal jagung itself has almost been extinct. Besides it, something other you have to know guys is that this food has the original name that is “grontol”.

And sure, it is totally comes from Central Java and was quite popular on its right period.
Usually this food one has been scattered in many places or in particular ones is on the side of every public road. The price of the grontol jagung itself is really affordable, even the student at kindergarten or elementary school generally could afford it. They really loves this food one to be honest due to its affordable price and really related to the condition of many people’ economy level.

However yeah, we can say that this food really lingering in the heart of many Indonesian people without even looking at their social status level.
Grontol is also one of many Indonesian traditional food that made by jagung or yeah if we translate the word of “jagung” to English it is literally is “corn”. The corn must be boiled firstly and then added by some of grater coconut.

This food is beyond popular circa in 2000 by its name at that year was “jagung susu keju” or if we translate it into English will becomes “cheese milky corn”, for the jagung itself is refers to the corn, the milk is refers to the susu, and the keju is refers to the cheese. That is why, it has been long time ago, and now or today, since many other modern foods burst out, the old ones are seems left behind unknowingly.

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Additionally guys, that the jagung susu keju itself basically is quite similar like grontol, but the one that makes it different is that the jagung susu keju does not use the grater or coconut, but instead it uses the grater of cheese and added by some of sweet milk creamer.

Have you known that actually the grontol jagung itself also has a philosophy! Which is basically this food has been described the thought of somebody. Like you know when we plant for corn to grow up there we would thought and relate it to us: that our thought must also be watered, be nurtured and be secured wisely. The thought of somebody or even everyone including us also undeniably could change easily to be negative once they cannot secure it and nurture it wisely. This is then quite the same as when we plant the corn. In order to grow up, the corn we planted needs fertile soil, and dig well, also proper water to keep it safe and could grow up soon. In order to grow up, the corn itself also needs to feed with some fertilizer, and so with the thought of humans.

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