Bantal, and Kerake Cake from Lombok

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Bantal, and Kerake Cake from Lombok


Bantal in Indonesia refers to “pillow” in English. So yeah, you can guess it why this today first cake named as bantal or the pillow itself.

Yapz right, guys, bantal cake is origins from Lombok. It is very worth it to eat once you stop in this beautiful island. Exactly, the shape of bantal cake is like pillow–shaped which wrapped so far by coconut leaves. This cake itself also has a filling, exactly is made by palm sugar or yeah any other mixed spices.

Additionally, the very outside layer of this bantal cake is made by sticky rice flour which we have to steam before so the texture of this cake would be quite pretty like ketupat. Do you know ketupat, guys? Hmm, okay here I explain also.

Yes, ketupat itself is one of Indonesian rice cake which boiled in a rhombus–shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves. Most people in Indonesia or muslim worldwide usually will eat ketupat once they will enter the Eid Fitr or yeah any other big days of celebration in Islamic calendar system. And sure, the kind of ketupat texture like tis which here applied to bantal cake in Lombok makes this cake very soft to eat. Thus it often lingering in many people’s heart including infants.

The other cake which has telescope–shaped and origins from Lombok is kerake. Yeah, even we known that Ciamis city in West Java province also has a type of cake which quite similar with kerake, but to be honest the taste of both cake is different. In Ciamis we can call it wajit, but here in Lombok the name is kerake. You can guess why the name of this cake in Lombok is kerake. Yeah exactly due to its shape is like pocong. Pocong in Indonesian thought is actually refers to one of the urban ghost which covered by winding sheet or yeah shroud.

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At glance this typical ghost is like candy but with a white wrap, that is why sometimes people in Indonesia also tends to call this ghost as jumping candy due to its appearance which is like candy and how this ghost moves is literally by jumping. This calling itself sometimes also intended to evict the fear towards pocong itself in several Indonesian people. Haha hahaha, yes we are honest here.
Well, back to this kerake cake again. The texture of this cake is very soft, guys, moreover the taste is sweet.

So yeah, it is very worth it to try for you who typically a sweet tooth. Or yeah, even if you are not typically a sweet tooth at least you can still buy this kerake cake and share it as gift your sweetheart, families, relative, close–friends, even yeah any other people you loved and honoured in this life. Because however, they will deem you quite care by choosing a sweet thing amongst the so many bitterness in this life. Hahaha, of course for the last statement I just be kidding. But yeah, just give it a try. You literally will be amazed by its taste.

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