How to Make Silky Fruit Pudding Easily

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How to Make Silky Fruit Pudding Easily


Silky pudding is kinds of very soft pudding which is made by the soft jelly and once it enters your mouth it will well–melted perfectly. The taste of course very fresh even could freshen your hot yet hectic day, lol. Once you drink and eat the fruits cut which are served within the pudding itself you will be given such a direct message from the heaven that you are always blessed. I am not kidding, good people. You must give it a try to drink, even try to make it by your own self. The fresh and the chilling sensation once it enters to your lips will give you a feeling of grateful because someone has created this via God who supported him/her.
However, you are very welcome to try to mix this pudding one by any cuts or slices of many fruits. As today we have intended to share the recipe of this very fresh drink, here we are!

1 sachet of strawberry instant jelly
1 liter of white/ vanilla milk
100 gr of sugar, if once you taste the sweet level is not quite good, you are very welcome to add some more sugar into it. But please, however a good health is always a best option to ponder for.
2 tablespoon of corn flour, please mix it firstly with some water till it well–dissolved.
½ teaspoon of salt

Additional materials:
Some cuts of fruits you like the most
Any natural food–colourings, maybe if you want to use the unnatural ones, just please make sure that all of them are eatable and will not harm the functions of your organs. Health is priceless basically.
And of course, perhaps you even do not want to use any kinds of food–colourings so yeah it would be better decision. Just let the natural color emerge and result from this drink, right!

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Prepare the pan to cook the materials.

Put the strawberry instant jelly powder into the pan. Add some salt also into it.

Pour the white/vanilla milk also and stir it evenly. You can stir it by using whisk by the way, so the jelly water will not clump.

Pour the sugar and stir it evenly again.

Let the sugar gets dissolved.
Then now you can cook the pudding by small fire as simultaneously keep stirring it unstoppably till it well simmering.

Do not forget to taste the sweet level of the pudding itself. Make sure it is really fits your desire.

Once the pudding dough is simmering, now you can pour the corn flour into the pan and just a bit of food coloring. If you prefer to do not pour the food colorings, it is healthier and however a best yet smart choice!

Stir it evenly again and then once it well–cooked, then turn off the fire and let the pudding dough getting a bit cold.

Or yeah you can let the steam within it dissolved for a while mixed by the free air around.

Once it getting cold, take some glass or cups to place the pudding into.

Let the pudding dough shaped the glass until it is quite hard once it touched.

Put it then in refrigerator to let the pudding dough become more hardened and keep cold.

Some hours later, you can serve and share it to your loved ones!

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