A Recipe of Jajamyeon-One of Korean Halal Foods

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A Recipe of Jajamyeon-One of Korean Halal Foods


Korea has been profoundly famous and well–renowned by its Korean pop culture, its actress and movie actors who are basically very handsome and beyond pretty in the thought of many people, particularly several women in Indonesia. It cannot be denied that by the existence and the progress of Korean Pop culture, the whole arts and Korean cultures brought up easily to the surface, makes the people worldwide even falling in love deeper towards all stuff about Korea. And sure, the culinary from this country are also exposed widely.
That is why sometimes not a few people worldwide tries to find some delicious foods origins and or developed in Korea for them to give a try or cooked by themselves then in their house. Indonesian also won’t stand left behind, particularly some women here who really likes watching or browsing all stuffs about Korean life they would find many things about this country. And for some of them who basically are muslim or the religion is Islam, they tends to find some Korean halal foods.
Today, due to that quite big curiosity that Indonesian women especially have, so yeah, we would like to present a recipe of one of those Korean halal foods, which in fact also become popular amongst Korean lovers. Exactly the name of this food one is jajangmyeon!
Yapz, due to its attachment of several Korean hits movies, jajangmyeon become well–known widely, and this fact is not an exception in Indonesia. By its appearance that basically made by kind of special Korean noodle with its black sauce makes this food hits I the thought of several people worldwide. And usually Korean would serve this noodle and its black sauce with some cuts of meat and vegetables like acar (in Indonesia actually acar is a kind of salad which is made by some cuts of fresh vegetables and mixed by its light gravy; which is the gravy itself is made by vinegar and several spices).
So yeah, below is the recipe you can save.

300 gr of noodles
200 gr of chicken meats or you can change it to any other kinds of meat based what your desire currently
150 gr white cabbage
1 potato
1 sweet onion
½ cup of black bean paste
Corn flour and some drinkable water
Eatable oil

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Cut the potato into some little dices and then cut also the white cabbage. Slice the outside peel of the cucumber only for garnish.

Slice then the sweet onion also cut the chicken meat to be some little boxes.

Heat the oil on the pan and then try to saute the sweet onion slices till it well–smelled. After that you can put the chicken meat dices and let it well–browned.

Once the chicken dices well–browned, you may put all the vegetables slices including the white cabbage into the pan.

Let all the vegetables become quite withered or wilted.

Then put the black bean pasta, stir it evenly for 1 minute.

Add some water, sugar and let it simmering with the medium fire.

While you have to waiting the sauce to get well–cooked, you can boil up the noodle.

Once the sauce gets ready, you may add some corn flour into the pan.

Make sure you have mixed the corn flour with some water previously.

Serve the noodle with the sauce on a plate and add the garnish of the cucumber on it.

Now, jajangmyeon is ready to eat!

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