Cerorot Cake and Keong Cake from Lombok

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Cerorot Cake and Keong Cake from Lombok


We all have known it well that Lombok is one many beautiful cities in Indonesia archipelago that have many surprises for humankind. Please do not mention so far, that we all have understood it so far, ranging from its beaches, tens of beautiful gili there, the comfy weather with its cultured civilians, until the beautiful sceneries in each one cm of this land has. It is so beyond pretty! But guys, have you known that actually the food here are also beyond delicious and always success to satisfy millions visitors worldwide cravings? Yeahh, you actually must give it tries. Not even a try but many tries to eat many cuisine and beverages origins from Lombok. Here you will taste the scarce sensation and moments you cannot afford easily for sure in any other regions in Indonesia, moreover in your own country, right!

So yeah good people, talking about culinary or food or yeah a simple snack special from Lombok, we have to know that historically this land has been offers some unique cakes. What are those?
For the first cake, the name of this cake actually is kue cerorot or yeah you can call it cerorot cake. “Kue” itself in Indonesia refers to the cake in English. This cerorot cake surely origins from Lombok, but however we can also find it easily in Central Java. Have you gone to Central Java?

Yeah, it is one of three primary Java regions, besides West Java and East Java. But we cannot deny that the cerorot cake in Central Java predominantly will fill this cerorot cake by any other fruits which commonly you can find there like banana or yeah any other affordable fruit. But here in Lombok, the filling of the cerorot cake is super unique!

Why did I say it is super unique? Yeah, because it is filled by rattan guys! What? Are you serious? I am more than serious, that is why the cerorot cake in Lombok often searched and bought by many tourists due to its filling that super and really fantastic!

Moreover guys, have you known that we have to suck it quiet deeper in order to get its perfect taste, that is why the name of this cake is cerorot.

Additionally you can see it precisely that the uniqueness of this cake also can be seen by its wrap, or yeah covered by some dry coconut leaves. So yeah, it also boost the pretty appearance of itself.

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The second unique telescope–shaped cake from Lombok is kue keong. Keong in Indonesia refers to the snail in English. So yeah, you can guess and understand that the shape of this cake is like that, as equal to its name right.

Usually people in Lombok will serve this cake once guest come to their houses, especially some exemplary guests such as stakeholders, any people who works in government level, or yeah including their long distance–families and relatives.

This kue keong or keong cake can be found easily. Wherever you go or stand in any corner or Lombok, you can always easily to meet this cake one.

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