How to Make Yummy Potato Wedges

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How to Make Yummy Potato Wedges


Potato wedges also can be categorized as kind of snack due to it itself is not include so far to the primary menu or any kinds heavy food such as foods that we often finds in breakfast time, in lunch, even in dinner time. Usually, snack is made by some light materials and very affordable to find due to its goal which is sometimes just to intend to prop and delay our hunger cries longer, besides it also wants to add a little amount of energy, at least when we caught in a hurry situation and cannot have much time to prepare meals or something like heavy foods.
Of course, the materials we need to make any snack is scattered easily around us, and these are all beyond affordable to buy, ranging from egg, potato, mushrooms, multi–purpose flour, cassava, sweet potato, banana, chocolate bar, even any flour that commonly we use in daily basis. And that is exactly, we can always use those materials in order to make any kind of variation of foods or snack, even it must be boiled, broiled, steamed, fried, or anything else yeah. Today, there are also too many recipes we can find out there easily. There have been even existed many people who acts so curious to create any innovative recipes and share it on any platform on the internet where we can access it easily and give a try to each one of it. So, we thought guys, there are should not any reason lingering in our mind to cannot cook even some simple cooks in our own kitchen. Yeah, please do not be shy to our own starting point, we will make bigger progess as long as we believe to ourselves (

Potatoes, you can use some 4–6 potatoes and then please cut it into some cuts based the shape and size you are loved of.
Any kind of liquid milk, i am here use evaporated milk
Egg (chicken egg for sure is good)
Chicken/cow instant extract powder
Garlic powder
Parsley, this parsley one is intended to spread over the potato wedges once you finish the cooking steps. If you do not like the smells of it, or yeah or the taste of the parsley itself, you are very welcome to skip it away.

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Mix the egg on a bowl and the milk into it. Stir it evenly and let it be.

Mix the multi–purpose flour, salt, and pepper altogether also the chicken/cow extract powder, the paprika powder and the garlic powder. Let it be.

Dip or immerse the potato cuts into the mixed milk and egg.

Then, please put or immerse it also to the dough of the flour.
Heat the oil on your stove with medium fire size and then fry the potato till it quite well–browned.

Take it up once it well–cooked and place it on a plate.

Spread the parsley over it and serve it for your beloved ones!

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