How to Make Ayam Woku-A Special Food from Manado

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How to Make Ayam Woku-A Special Food from Manado


Talking about food is never even ends in any occasion. Food is one of crucial and yet very primary necessary we all need to live and keep survived in this life. Without food we will lack of much energy. Because we know that food always contains many carbohydrate, even vitamin and mineral within it. Of course those are all foods that at least healthy for our body, out of its mention, they must be other kinds of snack which are just intended to delay our hunger for a while and the nutrients saved in are not really profitable.
We also know that basically there are too many kinds of food we can find easily and yes these are all scattered around us. This is not something important right for buying and eating those foods which hold a high price tag, rather than the low price would even always satisfy our appetite. Ranging from snack to heavy food ( I mean the heavy foods are some of those like contains too much carbohydrate and some flours and so on), so yeah these are all often tempts us to buy even makes us get spinning to choose amongst many choices.
Today for sure as usual we present a great recipe for you, guys. This recipe one basically is really amazing and yet the taste is so wonderful even worth it to try by yourself in your own kitchen. This food also origins from Manado, it is one of cities in Indonesia archipelago. So yeah, for more please take a look at the recipe below, guys!

1 kg of chicken meat
Sugar and salt
Some chicken/cow instant extract powder
Lime water

Blended Spices:
5 little pieces of garlic
3 ginger which the size actually each one of it is circa your finger or 4–5 cm
12 shallots
4 candlenuts
8 hot green chilies
1 of 3–4 cm turmeric
4 red chilies

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Slices Spices:
2 stems of lemongrasses
2 red tomatoes
1 sheet of turmeric leaf
5 sheets of kaffir lime leaves
1 stem of spring onion
Some basil (leaves)

Add some salt and the water of lime to the chicken meat and let it cold for a while.
Saute the blended spices with the kaffir lime leaves altogether.
Put the chicken meat into the pan and pour the clean water little by little into the pan also the slices spices into it. Cook it well till the water quite depleted.
Add some basil into the pan and please stir it evenly.

Now the steps are over and sure you can prepare a plate or any good bowl to serve it. First of course to avoid your plate or bowl shattered, you have to let the cuisine / the cook a bit cold then afterwards you can put it to the plate you have prepared before.
Additionally you are also very welcome to embellish this cook by put some slices of tomato on it or yeah just a little bit of mint leaf is also good choice!

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