How to Make Avocado Sago to Greet Your Day

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How to Make Avocado Sago to Greet Your Day


Even today we are not currently in Ramadhan month, but of course, for some people worldwide who tends to do or like to have regular fasting in ordinary occasion that is of course totally does not mind. Yet, these kinds of people try to devote themselves in a situation that can be called as an additional worship or yeah in Muslim it may be called as Sunnah. Well good people, today we would like to present a recipe to you, that basically a simple recipe of fresh drink. But sure, it is very and yet beyond worth it to given a try due to its sensation it will offers to you. Anyone for sure could make this fresh drink. It is not utterly limited to those who have been committed to their regular or even un–regular fasting, but instead all people worldwide. So yeah, if you are currently just want to make your mind quite a little bit fresh, so this is a simple trick you could do to go there! Follow our instructions below please, good people!
1 1/5 kg sweet avocados
1 can of evaporated milk. However, it is very worthwhile to note here that basically you have to choose and use this evaporated milk, any brand is very welcome, does not mind. But the crucial point and the problem may arise if you use the other milk which is fundamentally not the evaporated milk. So yeah, be mindful to use the evaporated milk only to get the best result of this fresh and very delicious drink.
150 gr sago or yeah you can call here also as: dry pearl sago.
Any milk creamer, the amount is just up to you guys. If you are a type of person who prefer very sweet over medium one, sure you can add more level to your drink.
Ľ teaspoon of salt
65 ml of instant coconut cream
Any brand of coconut jelly instant powder

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Boil the dry pearl of sago on the stove with medium fire till it well–boiled.

Cook the coconut jelly instant powder on the pan. Add some sugar also do not forget to put the coconut cream also into the pan.

Once it simmering then turn off the stove, and let the coconut jelly gets cold for a while.

Blend he avocados with a can of evaporated milk altogether. Once it gets well–blended, then you can put it on another bowl or big glass.

Save it then in your refrigerator for a long 3–4 hours.
Take out the avocado ice you put in the refrigerator formerly.

Dredge this avocado ice by big spoon or any dredger.

Dredge also the leftovers of the avocado you have.

In a glass bowl, please mix all the materials, such as the avocado juice, the avocado drudging and its leftovers, the coconut jelly, and pearl sago.

Add some syrup, sugar, and coconut cream.

Stir it evenly and serve it for your beloved ones!

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