How to Make Homemade Steamboat

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How to Make Homemade Steamboat


The rainy season has been started to greet some regions in Indonesia. But have you known good people. even the weather outside is started to calm down and make your day even a bit colder, you still can warm up your body by eating some heated food away. One of those kinds of foods you can give a try to buy or to cook by yourself is the food which has gravy. And it cannot be denied that most of people would prefer to search any kinds of food with quite thick gravy once the rainy seasons come.
So yeah, one of those foods with its yummy yet delicious gravy we would tell to you in this occasion is steamboat! Sorry, pardon me? What is steamboat? Perhaps some of you here are not quite familiar to this food name, but yah do not worry, we will greet it to you today.
Exactly guys, steamboat itself is one of gravy foods that often hunted by many people whence the rains drop to the earth. It is also kinds of food that basically cooked on the pan and accompanied by many kinds of fillings within it. This food usually existed in every menu in the five stars restaurant or in any quite luxurious café due to its price that quite cost arms and legs.
But please, once more do not much worry guys, today we have dedicated this recipe below for you to give it a try in your own kitchen. So there is no reason and grumble again you can afford it once the rain hits your house’s roof and you cannot go anywhere. Lol. The materials are also very affordable so you will not be confused and overthinking in estimating that your purse will be thin, haha.
Any kinds of fish meatballs (or you can also buy some instant meatballs with the taste itself such as: crabstick, fish ball, or squid balls)
Cow sausages
Darker–mustard greens
Enoki mushrooms, or yeah if you cannot find the enoki one, you are very welcome to use any other species of eatable mushrooms.

The spices for gravy:
8000 ml or chicken extract powder
Ľ sweet onions
2 cm of ginger, press it firstly anyway, you can press it by using knife or yeah any kinds of cooking tools you have, in Indonesian or particularly in Javanese it may called as “geprek”.
2 stems of spring onion, cut it untidily
1 teaspoon of extract chicken powder (you may skip it if you do not like)
½ teaspoon of pepper powder
1 tablespoon of eatable oil for saute the spices later
1 teaspoon of salty ketchup
1 teaspoon of fish ketchup
1 teaspoon of bijen oil
1 teaspoon of fried garlic slices
Chilies oil or yeah Indonesian people called it “sambal”

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Heat the oil on the pan firstly, by turning on your stove and then saute the sweet onion till it well–smelled.

Then put the water of chicken extract powder and ginger, let it simmering. Add some pepper powder into the pan, the chicken powder again the bijen oil, both of ketchups.

Correct the taste, if it is not quite salty, you may add more salt into it again.

Put the darker–mustard greens, mushroom, fish meatballs, also sausage into the pan. Let it heated for a while and then spread the fried garlic slices over it. Stir it evenly.

Turn off the stove and take it up. Serve it on a plate by embellish it with some slices of red chilies based your own appetite.

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