How to Make Banana filled Chocolate Omelet Easily

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How to Make Banana filled Chocolate Omelet Easily


There are of course many healthy cakes to consume to fill the void of our spare time. Whether you are just laying on your couch, or talking together with your big family in the late afternoon, and et cetera. But however, today I would like to present a simple but yet delicious cake to you. Besides its great taste, this cake also healthy and worth it to eat due to its filled made by banana.

People commonly call it as banana filled chocolate omelet. We know guys, that banana has many good also high nutrients for our body. It is even worthwhile whether for the health of our digestion or our body health. Even at this moment we intend to turn this to be a great cake, but actually all people knows well that banana can be eaten directly and the taste would still as always that great! Additionally, without even added by any additional spices or synthetic sweets, banana is one of fruits that naturally that has been sweet, soft, and just that great taste to eat. Moreover, if we turn it to any cake or snack, it would be loved by many people and will be forever thing to snatch for by one another.

So yeah, below we have presented and collected the steps and the materials on how to make this yummy yet very great taste of banana filled chocolate omelet! Hopes you would like to give it a try. Please do not worry if you make any mistake along the process of cooking it, because the excellent and yet the precious on any process is the execution. Not all people will give a try including to something new they never tried before. But in fact and fundamentally, once they are bravely enough to do the new things, they will sure will come out as a winner!

150 gr medium of multi–purpose flour
425 ml plain milk
1 tablespoon of chocolate powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt

½ tablespoon of chocolate pasta

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla powder

1 egg, mix it well anyway
50 gr soft sugar

1 tablespoon of eatable oil or yes you can also use butter here.

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King banana or yeah you can use any kinds of banana if you cannot find the king one. Please divide it into two parts.
Chocolate sprinkles

Refine firstly the medium multi–purpose flour together with the chocolate powder patiently. Add the soft sugar, egg, and plain milk, also the vanilla and butter together into the pan.

Stir it evenly and refine it again.

Turn on the stove with medium fire and let the pan get hot. Put the a little butter on it, and starts to make the slight omelet on the pan.

Repeat this step one till the dough is over.

Saute the banana together the butter. Take it up once it well–cooked.

Take one of the chocolate later slice and then starts to fill it by banana and chocolate sprinkles. Fold and roll it well.

Embellish it by your own desire.

Serve on a plate and share to your loved ones!

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