How to Make Thai-Tom Yam Easily

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How to Make Thai-Tom Yam Easily


Tom yam is kind of soup with quite sour and spicy gravy. Several people believe this food one is really suitable for the tongue of some Asian, including Indonesian people. This soup usually also completed by seafood stuff such as shrimp, squid, or yeah scallop or shell.

This food also quite famous in Thailand due to its gravy that very yummy and rich of many Asian flavors, such as chicken or cow extract flavors, such as kaffir lime, galangal, lemongrass, key lime, and chilies.

Below is the recipe we would like to present to you in order to make you happy or feels relieved due to your confusion on what should you cook for next afternoon. Yeah, please take a look below.

However, all the materials are very affordable to get, also the steps are very easy to be followed. So overall it is very worthwhile to give a try. Just do not worry or afraid to make any mistake. There we can learn and could get many lessons, right?

Shrimp extract powder. You can however boil the shrimps on the clean water on a pan. Or you can also get this shrimp extract powder through buying it in any public marketplace.
Coconut cream
2 teaspoon of chili oil
1 red big chili (soften it anyway)
1 little piece of garlic (just punch it away, do not soften it please)

Then you can prepare the materials for the extract stuff one, here it is:
3 lemongrasses (just punch it away by knife or any dull cooking tool)
3 cm of ginger (just punch it away, do not soften it please)
4 galangals (just punch it away, do not soften it please)
3 sheets of kaffir lime leaves
4 tablespoon of fish ketchup
½ teaspoon of soft salt

For the filling of the Tom Yam itself, here below you can take a look guys:
300 gr of big shrimps (please throw away each one of heads), wash it cleanly by the way
100 gr merang mushrooms
8 small–hot green chilies
5 tablespoon of kaffir lime water
5 sheets of kaffir lime leaves
4 lemongrass (just take the white part one and please cut it away)
10 sheets of coriander leaves, you can then slice it away

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Boil the water up, and add the shrimp extract powder together the lemongrass, garlic, ginger, galangal, and the materials for the extract stuff one.

After you make sure that all the materials have been put into the pan, then please boil it till simmering.

Let the shrimp extract getting hot again, also let the coconut water gets simmering. Then you can put the shrimp, the small hot green chilies, mushrooms, and lemongrass into it.

Pour the kaffir lime water also the coriander leaves into it. Stir it evenly.

Correct the taste, and once it well–tasted please serve it on a bowl.

Share it to your loved ones.

So guys, is it very easy to cook, right?

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