How to Make Semar Mendem-A Traditional Cake from Solo

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How to Make Semar Mendem-A Traditional Cake from Solo


Semar mendem is kind of traditional cake that origins from Solo city exactly in Central Java Island, Indonesia. This delicious cake is made from the white glutinous rice and mixed with salt also the coconut cream, and then be boiled altogether. This is also kind of yummy snack which can be found easily in any public place in Indonesia, especially in Java Island. You can also find it anyway in any traditional market. The taste that very beyond yummy and quite salty, moreover also filled by some cuts of chicken meat, multi–purpose flour also omelet which covered it from the outside are hilariously make it beyond tasteful and rich of flavors.

However, if you knew lemper which is this one also a kind of cake origins from Indonesia with salty taste and filled by delicious cuts of chicken meats, these both at glance also have some similarities. But the obvious and clear difference is placed on that semar mendem is covered by a dough which literally made by flour which mixed by omelet.

Both of cakes often can be found easily in any traditional market and usually you can find it served on a bamboo or plastic tray. And usually, because of the sold cake are so many and various, it makes the wet cakes ones turned to be the smaller size.

However you can also make the semar mendem by yourself. It is not that tricky as you thought at glance. Everything is possible to try in this world, even yes perhaps you are seldom or even never involved in any kitchen stuff, but at least this cake is very worth it to eat and serve on your great dinner table. Serve it beautifully and specially makes it for your husband of wife is also a smart choice anyway!

250 gr of glutinous rice flour
250 gr cuts of chicken meat
5 chicken eggs
250 liter coconut cream
3 sheet of spring onion leaves
1 sheet of Indonesian bay leaf
3 shallots
2 little pieces of garlic
Big red chilies and parsley for the topping later

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Wash cleanly the glutinous rice flour and then put it into the pan.

Put also the coconut cream and the bay leaf into the pan. Boil it altogether.

Boil the chicken meat and slice or rip it all into small pieces or thin slices.

Put it all into the other / second pan.

Blend the shallot, garlic, salt, also the onion spring altogether, and put these all into the second pan. Cook it well.

Mix the eggs by fork, add some salt into it, and fry it on the pan slightly on each turn. Repeat it carefully. Make sure you make the omelet slightly not too thick, because it will avoid the break out of the omelet too when it must cover the dough later.

Once you thought the glutinous rice well–cooked, please take it up and divide it into two parts.

Put the first part into a baking tray, and add the chicken slices evenly over it.

Close it too by the second or the leftover of the glutinous rice.

After that, please let it cold for a while. Then you can slice it by your own desire.

Take each one of the omelet and fill it by the glutinous rice. Repeat this step one till all the dough runs out.

Serve it on a plate, and embellish it by one or two big red chili also parsley over it.

Share it to your loved ones. They must love it!

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