A Dessert Recipe How to Make the Chocolate Lava Cake So You Will Get Addicted

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A Dessert Recipe How to Make the Chocolate Lava Cake So You Will Get Addicted


Trying to find a best but yet cheap dessert or any cheap closing dish is affordable and quite easy to find in any public market place. But unfortunately, it is often we find that those dishes are not quite fits with our tongue. That is why we have presented to you a best recipe yet delicious indeed and very worth it to try today. That is exactly is a chocolate lava cake!

Chocolate lava cake is one of great desserts that really succeed in grabbing many hearts of people worldwide. This cake is profoundly delicious and yet yummy indeed due to its abundant chocolate within or which have been mixed in its dough. You can research however, that started from children to adults, they are very fall in love towards this cake one!

Moreover, this dish often becomes a special challenge for many master chefs around the world to give it a try to cook. Once you taking a look at this chocolate lava cake for sure it seems quite tricky to make. The worldwide master chefs also often makes it to something very tricky process, but however you can check the recipe below and some worthwhile techniques that really worth it to try in order to get the enough and good melted–chocolate level, so it will not seems too melted or instead too outcooked.

Likewise its name, the chocolate lava cake is a cake that consists of melted chocolate that is exactly would be melted once you cut or divide it into two parts. It is extremely soft in the outside, but of course profoundly melted in the inside. This is one I bet will satisfy your craving indeed, even when you just take a look at it for a glance! Hahahah!

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Yes you are quite true, that the process of making this lava cake seems to difficult and very challenging, but factually once you known the technique and its simple materials which profoundly easy to get or here is means affordable, you will get the worthwhile result for it. Whatever, you can always give it a try in your own kitchen. So yeah, take a look at the steps and the needed materials below!
100 gr of plain butter
150 gr of dark chocolate bar
150 gr of blended or soft sugar
2 yolks
100 gr of multi–purpose flour
30 gr of chocolate powder
Well–cooked chocolate

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Please firstly you can let the chocolate well–melted on the pan and on the medium fire size on your stove.

Slowly, add the yolks into it, also the flour, and the powder of the chocolate. Mix it altogether by mixer till it well–stirred.

Smear the baking pan by butter and also spread the flour over it. Then you can put the dough into it. Fill the baking pan only its half.

Then you can put the well–cooked chocolate one in the middle of the dough and close it with previous leftover of the dough.

Save it in the freezer till it frozen. Then, bake it for 180 Celcius degree on your oven for along 30 minutes.

Now the chocolate lava is ready! Share it to your loved–ones!

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