How to Make the Sauted Shrimp Green Beans with Oyster Sauce Deliciously

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How to Make the Sauted Shrimp Green Beans with Oyster Sauce Deliciously


We need the enough amount of fibers in our body in order to fulfil and complete the the daily nutrients. That is why it is better and we are still dealing to try to serve any kinds of delicious vegetables in the lunch schedule. However, serving any delicious and healthy vegetables to eat is something kind of a duty and obligated activity in our daily.

Have you known guys, that actually there are many choices of vegetables we can try to cook. One of them is the sauted green beans with some cuts of delicious and a bit salty shrimp. I bet you will like it and will fall in love with this cooks till the rest of your live. Hahaha. However, I cannot deny that this dish one is really good and super fantastic dish ever. That is why for several people loves and tends to mix this dish one to be completed with the fried chickens. Hmm, so wonderful!

Dear good people, you may try to cook this dish by trying the recipe below. By the combination of the oyster sauce and the cuts of salty shrimp, it will profoundly best in creating the best choice cooks for you marvelous lunch ever. Moreover we all known that green beans is one of plants or vegetables that really easy to find or even quite cheap to buy anywhere. It is very good and proper choice for you and your beloved family.

Additionally, cooking the sauted shrimp with green beans and oyster sauce is just that very easy, because we just need to spend around thirty minutes only. Moreover, the materials you need to cook it is very affordable, because you just need thirteen materials only and those all are quite cheap however.

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So guys, below we have prepared a bundle of materials that you may need to put and combine or mix it altogether to be a perfectly delicious sauted shrimp and strignbeans with oyster sauce! Kindly check it below yak!

Please get ready for the 1 pack of saute spices
5 Shallots
2 pieces of garlic
3 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
2 tablespoon of eatable oil
100 ml of chicken or cow extract powder or yeah you can take the extract spices from the boiled cow meat or any boiled chicken meats.
1 teaspoon of oil fish
1 tablespoon of bijen oil
Soft cuts of light onion
Cuts of shrimps, you can cut it into 9 pieces.

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Firstly, please wash cleanly the green beans till it really clean from any chemical or bacteria substances, and then you can cut it into some pieces.

Boil the water and add some salt into it.

Put the green beans into the pan also and take it up once it well–boiled.

Blend or soften the shallots, garlic, and salt altogether.

Prepare the other pan and pour the eatable oil into it also the bijen oil altogether with the light onion till it well–smelled.

Put the cuts of shrimp also into the pan, the oyster sauce, and the sugar, salt, also the cow or chicken extract powder. Stir it evenly.

Put also the previous sauted green beans into the pan.

Stir it altogether till it well–absorbed.

Serve it well on a best plate for your best lunch.

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