An Easy Way To Make a Dessert Of Mango Pudding

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An Easy Way To Make a Dessert Of Mango Pudding


Dessert is kind of snack that commonly being a closing of every time we already get finished in eating stuff. Dessert has various shapes and tastes, one of them is pudding. Pudding itself was from France language, exactly boudin, and in Latin itself was called as botellus.

This food usually made by using the squeezed milk of coconut and milk, but others also uses kinds of fruits. Like a recipe we would like to share it with you today, is kind of dessert which made by milk and one favorite fruit of many people, that is: mango!

You guys know that the pudding itself commonly served as the closing part to be eaten, exactly when we are in a feast or any banquette.

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Additionally, pudding also be served when we are currently in an enjoy moment or in any occasion that does have such a rush work to accomplish for, lol.

Moreover, mostly people for sure will serve it when its condition has getting cold, or not when it is already baked (still hot). But of course, back to everyone appetite, that dessert could be eaten in anytime, occasion and any moment.

If you guys would like to make this milky mango pudding in our own kitchen, you can take a look and just give a big focus to the recipe below. However, it will satisfy your stomach and never hurt you as same as your late boyfriend did to you. Pardon me, eh ;)


- One sachet of jelly powder with mango taste, yeah you could anytime choose the other taste of those jelly powder, but because at this moment we intend to make and share the recipe of mango pudding so you can choose the mango one ;)

- 700 ml of drinkable water

- 3 mangos, you can cut it into small dices and let it be soften

- 100 gr of sugar

- 1 sachet of vanilla milk creamer

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1. Mix the jelly powder altogether with the clean water on the pan. Stir it evenly and patiently.

2. Put the sugar and let it simmering.

3. Pour one sachet of vanilla milk creamer into it and including the dices of the mango. Stir it again patiently.

4. Pour the pudding to your prepared mold pudding carefully (due to its hot condition).

5. Wait till it cold perfectly and after that you can put it in your refrigerator.

6. Once it cold beautifully, you can take it out and serve it in a small plate then share it kindly to your loved one.

7. If you are alone at your house now, of course you can celebrate it by yourself and give a pride to yourself because you just already brave to try this recipe!

8. However, there are still many recipes in this website you can try for.

9. I bet it will again makes your appetite become happier and your days become brighter than ever!

Happy tummy :) (Dyah)

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