A Glass of Dawet Ice in Perfectly Hot Sunny

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A Glass of Dawet Ice in Perfectly Hot Sunny


What will you do in weather where the sun shining brightly and your forehead get perspiration, till it makes your clothes getting wet, uhh? I do know if that is me, trapped in the kind of situation like that. But the one thing that I must know and quite understood is just taking run then. Hah, taking run? What do you mean? I bet you will bombard me with some kinds of question like that, right?

But however yeah, you are right. Many simple ideas could save our energy, or just replenish it with some cold dishes or beverage is good choice though.

So yeah, dawet ice is kind of drink that could heal your dryness of throat in the perfect summer. Dawet Pangandaran ice in particular has also made by black grass jelly or yeah it could also made by some black sticky rice with added by palm sugar and the squeezed milk of coconut, and then add also by some grated of serut ice. This is a kind of drink that come from Pangandaran region is very suitable to consume in the hot weather.

Beside it, even though dawet could be easily found in many regions in Indonesia, but in every those regions have particular characteristic which mean one another are unique and cannot be equalized each other. In Pangandaran itself was founded in the usage of the palm sugar that just quite sweet (not over sweet) due to the process of using the palm sugar was gotten from the sugar that has been diluted previously.

Additionally, this drink becomes the pride of Pangandaran so far, and very renowned as its other name: dawet dawala. Surely it is totally different to the green grass jelly ice from Central Java, because dawet Pangandaran was made by the black sticky rice. The black sticky rice itself came from the pollen of roasted rice stem.

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So, are you ready to try it by yourself in your kitchen?

Please do not worry, this recipe will be your best choice ever to freshen your summer days ahead!


- Fresh grass jelly

- Drinkable water

- Ice boxes

- Palm sugar syrup

- Palm sugar or here you can also use brown sugar

- the squeezed milk of coconut

- 250 ml santan kara. it is little bit same with the squeezed milk of coconut, just in case for the santan kara itself could be easily find in any closes supermarket.

- Just try to find it anyway.

- ½ teaspoon of salt

- 2 sheets of fresh pandanus leaves


1. Wash the grass jelly cleanly with drinkable water till you believe that the grass jelly itself has already gotten very clean. Then let it cold by put it in the boxes ice.

2. For the squeezed milk of coconut, you can boil all the ingredients altogether till it simmering, but you must keep in mind to continuously stir it and never let it to be broken or getting clotted.

3. For the palm sugar syrup itself: please put it into the pan together with water then stir it till the palm sugar itself dissolved perfectly and become syrup.

4. Make sure the syrup become not too think but also not too liquid.

5. Serve it by pouring the 4–5 tablespoon of palm sugar to the bowl, altogether with the cooked jelly grass for around 2 tablespoon.

Happy tummy!

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