Meat Sour Vegetable Recipes

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Meat Sour Vegetable Recipes


Looking for a menu of vegetables that are fresh but tasty and suitable as a meal with rice.

In addition, we must also pay attention to health and nutrition
food supply

Well, here DEPOSTLOMBOK will recommend one of the foods that can be your choice, namely, Asem-Asem meat

Here's how to make beef tamarind:

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- 1/4 boiled meat then cut into squares
- Slice Beans
- 8 red onions
- 6 sliced garlic
- 4 lime leaves
- 2 bay leaves
- 2 finger ginger
- 2 laos finger joints + lemongrass
- 15 sliced green chilies + whole cayenne pepper (according to taste)
- 2 green tomatoes
- 3 star fruit wuluh
- salt, sugar, non-msg flavoring
- sweet soy sauce

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How to make:
1. Sauté the red and white onions, then the green chilies
2. Then pour into the meat stew and cook all the spices except the wuluh starfruit and cook until it boils
3. Enter the chickpeas
4. Enter the tomatoes and star fruit, salt, sugar, seasoning, sweet soy sauce.

Serve with warm rice, good luck! /res

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